(For all of those noble people harboring a wholesome detestation of reading, I’ll get right to what I imagine you to be seeking.)

My skills are divisible into 3 basic areas. Because that previous sentence is false, they overlap at intervals that are unruly, but (largely) bridled. Still, I beseech you to contact me if you would like further detail. Thank you!

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EDITING—working with somebody else’s words and ideas to enhance readability, comprehension, intention, et al.

WRITING—working with my own words to convey points or meanings under the auspices of another agency.

SOMETHING—working with my faculties to assist other parties in conceptualizing and composing strategies, campaigns, media relations, and public communications.


A partial list of clients can be found HERE. Praise can be found HERE, but references are available at your request.


Estimates are free. I’ll make that larger, capitalize it, and embolden it:




“Big whoop,” you could say.

“But,” I would reply hastily, “that means that you can see what I’m offering in advance of deciding whether or not my services are suitable.”

You might or may be quick to suggest: “Yeah, fine, but what if you’re a real jerk? You’ll steal everything, and I’ll be done for.” To this, I shall proffer my absolute commitment to confidentiality and decency as a human person.


Here are my HOURLY RATES (everything being negotiable, of course):


(writing, ghostwriting, rewriting, et al.)




(substantive—flow, voice, suggestions, mechanics, readability, et al.) 




(thorough, detailed error correction per style guidelines*) 


* In full disclosure, my default style is Chicago. I am, however, experienced in many styles: APA, AP, MLA, AMA, and anything that you suggest. It is your choice whether you want to see changes tracked. There is no additional fee for this; I will send you two (2) copies of the edited document—a final that shows markup, and a final without markup.


Entrusting your work to an ostensibly anonymous party for “evaluation” is an unfathomable doing for many a writer, and I can dig that angle—your work is yours and yours only—but I give you my assured assurance that Good Ideas on Paper will always reflect your intention and respect your vision.

For those that self-identify as “non-writers,” I have only to suggest that as being an additional angle well-dug by me. Writing can be a chore, serve as a source of insecurities, and feel dismally one-sided. Regardless, writing is communication all the same, albeit with certain stipulations that underscore the need for clarity in and within the writing.

1. A formidable challenge is intrinsic to the use of a static document as a means of conveying information to a dynamic audience. (It’s like getting a tattoo of New Kids on the Block.)

2. When you release something—anything—into this here world upon which we reside, you relinquish responsibility and control in terms of how it will be interpreted by its beholder. Indeed, the identity of the beholder itself is, officially speaking, none of your beeswax.

3. Especially in circumstances of expository or instructional writing, errors that may appear to be trifling, innocuous, or non-existent (because, after all, you know what you meant to say) yield negative consequences of untold magnitude. Imagine, if you will, how a typo looks on a college application. Or on your wedding invitation.

4. Typographical errors, flawed mechanics, and improper usage are all credibility dashers if your work is to be considered seriously. Flippancy with words is perceived, for better and for worse, as a demonstration of thoughtlessness.


This dovetails deftly into just how Good Ideas on Paper can help. Contact me here.