Here, I will tell you a bit about what to expect from my services and my person. I’ll preface it with the assurance that I am very serious about the quality and integrity of my work. However, the knowledge that we all are human beings, well above and way beyond and far beneath what we do, is something that compels me to discuss it casually and accessibly.


Thus refined:


I edit text. I write text. I am, at times, both hexed and vexed with text.


I believe in the power of words both to heal, to wound, to atone, to transgress, and to supersede every duality as dictated by moment and/or movement.


I love human people, and I work diligently at being gracious, attentive, and enthusiastic.


I honor the creative spirit that resides in every person.


Each person is uniquely gifted, but I am aware that many among us are challenged to finesse our ideas into language that accurately reflects our intentions. Without proper support, a meeting of language and vision—which should, arguably, resemble an alliance—can appear instead as a collision. Being treated with due dignity and being taken seriously are tragic casualties of such an occurrence. (And my experience is that nobody is really psyched after a collision.)


There is a stodgy sliver in the foot of human interaction that dictates the assertion of judgment and class identity relative to a user’s precision with language. This way of doing things—with all of that hierarchy and institutionalized insult—is, in my opinion, disgraceful.


This is where I can be of service to you and your project. I will help to facilitate the clear expression of whatever it is that you want said or shown. I am invested in no agenda other than accuracy.


I also generate ideas. I am very experienced with project planning, proposal development, needs analysis, and lifecycle management, along with a bewildering array of errant tasks.  I’m not a profiteer, and I always price fairly. And I’m friendly, to boot.